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[Total_Soft_Portfolio id="1"]

Cake box Manchester

Location: Manchester

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Jubilee Street

Location: Jubilee Street


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Tariq Halal – Houslow

Location: Houslow

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Tariq Halal – Southall

Location: Southall

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Tariq Halal Leyton

Location: Leyton


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Tariq Halal Reading

Location: Reading


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Metal Gates

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Cake Box – Banbury Store

Location: Banbury Store

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Cake Box – Salisbury

Location: Salisbury

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Metal Gate – Metal Gates Fabrication and Install In-house Powder Coating

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Other Projects

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Cake Box 2

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New cake box shop in Cheadle Manchester

Location: Cheadle Manchester


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Cake Box Barnet

Location: Barnet

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Cake Box Barnet 2

Location: Barnet

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Cake box Scunthorpe

Location: Scunthorpe

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Tariq Halal Leyton Refurb

Location: Leyton

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Tariq halal Croydon Refurb

Location: Croydon

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Cake Box Cheadle Manchester

Location: Cheadle Manchester

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Korean BBQ and Vegan

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Tariq Halal Streatham Refurb

Location: Streatham

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Tariq halal Tooting Refurb

Location: Tooting

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Fabrication in factory

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Cake box Didsbury

Location: Didsbury

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New cake box shop in Cheadle Manchester 2

Location: Cheadle

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Broken glass replacement in Rustington south of the country

Location: Rustington


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Cake box Liverpool

Location: Liverpool

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Warehouse extension Bradford

Location: Bradford

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Charming Barbers

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Turkish kitchen in Peterborough

Location: Peterborough


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Cake box Hounslow

Location: Bradford

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Toughened glass shopfront in Central London

Location: Central London

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Cake Box Bermondsey

Location: Peterborough

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